Board of Ministers

The mission of the Wingate University Board of Ministers is to embody and enhance the relationship of the University with North Carolina Baptists and the broader Christian family in light of the Christian purpose and Baptist heritage of the University. Accordingly, the Board of Ministers has a fivefold purpose:
  • To offer and encourage prayer support for Christian higher education in general and the mission, purpose, students, faculty, staff and administration of Wingate University in particular.
  • To be informed advocates of Wingate University who clearly understand and effectively communicate to the churches the mission and purpose of the University.
  • To identify potential students to the University and encourage their consideration of Wingate University.
  • To identify persons in the churches who might be potential candidates for the various boards of the University.
  • To provide opportunities for learning, inspiration, and enrichment for ministry in conjunction with regular meetings and special events, as well as opportunities for members of the board to employ their gifts for ministry in service to the University.